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We envision a business world where companies can faithfully rely on a seamless payroll service, allowing them to focus more on what matters—their business. Through constant software and technological updates, we provide the possibility for our clients to experience this, daily.

Customer Service

Our commitment is to provide the best service to each client. We are here to answer your questions, inform you of the constantly changing laws and regulations, and keep you in compliance with state and federal governments.

Family Business

We are a family business that takes immense pride in providing an excellent payroll service, but at the same time, we want to be as inexpensive as possible. Our payroll fees were established specifically to be less expensive than our competition. We consider ourselves an excellent payroll service that truly cares about its clients.

Jose & Estella

Company History

Jose and Estrella Fernandez Founded J&E Fernandez, Inc. in 1985. What began as an elective in college turned into a company that has been in business for over 35 years. Jose was originally a computer tech major in college and took Accounting as an elective his freshman year. Accounting quickly became his favorite subject and eventually, he declared Accounting as his new major. Jose, an 18-year-old supervisor at Tampa Armature Work, was going to school full time, working full time, and had 3 very young sons (AJG) at home. Once he received his degree in Accounting, Jose quit his long-term job and they took a leap of faith and opened an Accounting firm with 0 clients. Jose’s wife Estrella, was a successful mortgage broker doing very well at the time, quit her job to help them live out their dream of owning their successful accounting firm.

Estrella’s parents gave Jose his first computer, typewriter, calculator, printer, and a desk as a gift for his new company, while they worked out of their garage in the early ’80s. Through perseverance, determination, and the sheer will to succeed. Jose and Estrella are the President & Vice-President of an Accounting firm and Payroll company, which serves hundreds of businesses throughout the United States.


“After switching to AJG Payroll Solutions, I was able to save money on my payroll costs and now I have “A” rated insurance. The best part is that AJG will handle my insurance audits for free and I don’t even have to show up.”

– John F., Contractor

“AJG Payroll Solutions is my favorite company I have ever done business with. Many companies can offer the same services they offer, but I am 100% confident no one will treat you as well as Jose and Estrella. They are truly the salt of the earth and offer the best customer service in the business.”

– Andy Baldwin
Owner/Operation Zelwin LLC

“Since September 2014, we have been a client of AJG Payroll Solutions, Inc. and AJG Insurance Agency, Inc. They take care of their clients as if they were their family. We are blessed to have them.”

– Erin Pooler
Owner of TR Pooler, Inc. known as Reliable Screens

“I am the owner of a small, assisted living in the small town of Spring Hill, Florida. I say small because AJG payroll and insurance companies have made me feel as though I was one of their biggest customers. They have helped me with every aspect of accounting that I need. They are full of patience and understanding, and have always made me feel that every question is an important one. I would recommend their services to any business. You would be lucky to have them.”

– Debi Mullins

“So grateful we found AJG! They always go above and beyond to make sure your business needs are met. Once you are part of their group, they treat you like family. They offer professional services and work hard to assist you in every aspect of your business.”

– KFDS, Inc. Central Fleet Service